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Metal Free Dentistry

Metal free dentistry can improve your general health.

Metal free dentistry ensures our patients are safe

At Millennium Dental Mosman in Mosman we are a metal free and patient friendly dental practice. We use metal free restorations to attain the best aesthetic and functional results for our patients. They also ensure their personal safety is protected by eliminating the possibility of traces of mercury entering the body which can occur with amalgam fillings.

Composite Bonding Procedures

As an alternative to amalgam fillings, composites are especially suited for smaller restorations. This substance may, when bonded to the tooth, actually help to prevent fracture. This “tooth coloured” or white material is cosmetically superior to amalgam and can last for a longer period of time if cared for correctly by adhering to your general hygiene regime.

Composite Resin Bonding

When a small amount of tooth structure needs to be repaired, composite resin bonding provides on the spot treatment. Bonding is usually painless (generally no anaesthetic is needed), immediate (usually only one visit is required) and less expensive than crowning or capping.

Porcelain Inlays

In the case of larger restorations, the best long term result may be obtained by placing a porcelain inlay on the tooth. The function of this restoration from a “biting” and a cosmetic standpoint is far superior to a composite filling. This option has an average life expectancy of 20 years depending on a number of factors including how diligently you care for your smile and other dental habits such as bruxism.

Why replace amalgam fillings?

Amalgam fillings are outdated technology which have actually been used for centuries. There are many problems with this metal alloy, including its habit to expand and shrink with varying temperature. This can put unnecessary pressure on your tooth structure and actually cause it to fracture over time. Amalgam also has traces of mercury which is why most healthcare professionals will recommend replacing it with a composite material.

Individuals with amalgam fillings also experience self-consciousness due to flashes of silver which can be seen when they smile. If you dislike the appearance of your amalgam/silver fillings and want a fully white smile please contact Millennium Dental Mosman.

Elongate the lifespan of your composite restoration or inlays

You can ensure any dental prosthetic or fixture lasts as long as possible by following a general hygiene regime. The team at Millennium Dental Mosman will guide you through the optimum dental hygiene regime for you and recommend any special requirements or equipment you may need. Generally you will simply have to brush twice a day and floss before bed to ensure your restorations last for as long as possible. The average expectancy for a composite restoration is ten years if cared for correctly.

Sibel Serce

Oral Health Therapist

Sibel is one of our Oral Health Therapists at Millennium Dental.

Since becoming a member of the team, Sibel has consistently demonstrated the utmost commitment and dedication towards helping each of our patients. She has gained her experience in both the public health sector, as well as other private clinics throughout Sydney.

Her friendly nature makes her extremely approachable. When tailoring to her patients’ needs, Sibel ensures she is able to provide an attentive yet pleasurable dental experience for everybody she meets.  She is extremely passionate about promoting oral health to both her friends and fellow peers.

Sibel is a graduate of the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Oral Health. She is also bilingual in speaking English and Turkish.

When she is away from the clinic, Sibel loves spending time with her big family, finding cafes for brunch as well a gym workout.

Lisa Bow

Dental Hygienist

Lisa has dedicated her working life to the field of dentistry, initially, at the youthful age of 19, graduating in 1989 as a Chairside Dental Assistant and later graduating in 1994 as a Registered Dental Hygienist. Lisa’s 32 years of experience in the dental setting makes her a valuable and sought-after practitioner in our practice. 

Lisa began her dental career in Ottawa, Canada. She later brought her skills and passion for oral health to Sydney in 2000, where she accepted a position with Millennium Dental Care. Lisa spreads the flossing gospel and cares for her loyal clients by providing gentle and effective preventive treatment combined with individualized education and instruction, along with respectful and ongoing encouragementOften hearing, “That’s the best dental cleaning I’ve ever had!” at the end of her appointments. Lisa has many long and loyal client relationships within Millennium Dental Care, several have been in her care for over 20 years. Lisa’s gentle nature and respectful manner can put even the most nervous dental clients at ease. Lisa looks forward to welcoming you and your family and friends into our Millennium Dental Family. 

Lisa regularly attends ongoing continuing education through conferences and courses and is a member of the Australian Dental Hygiene Association and the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association. In her free time Lisa enjoys ridiculously long walks, spending time with her two funny teenagers, and learning new skills by watching DIY videos on YouTube. 

Shruti Kulhalli


Since graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Adelaide, Dr Shruti Kulhalli has worked in Sydney and Adelaide, both as a dentist and as a university clinical tutor.  Dr Shruti brings extensive range of experience to our practice and strives for perfection when treating each and every one of her patients, always tailoring her approach to an individual’s needs. Her warm and friendly manner ensures a comfortable, personal experience for each patient. Always seeking to stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving world of dentistry, she regularly attends dental conferences and courses all around Australia. With a keen interest in both cosmetic and complex restorative dentistry.  As a mum of 2 young kids, Dr Shruti is especially passionate about the need for great paediatric dentistry.

Dr Shruti particularly enjoys the interpersonal and artistic aspects of dentistry. She loves being able to meet and to get to know different people each day and nothing gives her greater pleasure than using her skills and experience to help people gain optimal dental health and a beautiful smile. She also firmly believes that health is holistic, and when planning treatment, and always considers her patient’s general physical health and their well-being with the knowledge that these can have an important influence on oral health. 

In the little time that she’s not being a dentist or a mum, Dr Shruti is a regular at her local pilates studio, and also loves learning and reading about health and wellness. In 2013, she received her certificate in health coaching with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. This has given her the unique ability as a dentist to provide advice to her patients on the link between dental health and nutrition.

Mark Rosenberg


Dr Mark Rosenberg graduated in South Africa in 1982, before moving to London for fifteen years. During his time in London, Dr Rosenberg furthered his studies in implant dentistry, orthodontics, cosmetics and general oral surgery. In 1987 Dr Rosenberg received the LDS from the Royal College of Surgeons and also passed his American board exams. Dr Rosenberg benefited from the great experience of running multiple surgeries and a general anaesthetics clinic for many years.

Dr Rosenberg has done extensive courses in cosmetics and implant surgery and holds several post graduate implant and orthodontic diplomas.

Since immigrating to Sydney, he has enjoyed the daily drive from the Eastern suburbs to Mosman. His spare time is spent chasing after his young daughter who keeps him young and tired at the same time! He has kept fit for many years and his present regime involves running, swimming and pilates; however, his knees have decided his marathon running days are over!